Tuesday, November 12, 2013

16 weeks and still in the swim

My lane - indicated by kick board, fins, water shoes and aqua booties.
I've been swimming/water walking for sixteen weeks. That's an hour a day, five times a week for almost four months. Despite a patch or two of dry skin, I feel fantastic. It's not just the exercise, it's the pool itself. Water is uniquely therapeutic. A slow swim or fast walk through water can be meditative, even hypnotic. You can think through a problem or simply forget your worries entirely. It's up to you. I love that. I love creating my own current, going with the flow...not to mention being weightless. And, I love the way nobody gives a flip-turn about what anyone looks like at the aquatic center. There's no preening, no posing, no hiding under a blanket from sand-kicking bullies. Everyone's the same; we all just swim. I've even made new friends. My favorite is an feisty gal named Jane who swims for an hour-and-a-half every day and takes guff from no one. When I give her a hard time, she says, "You better watch it or I'll get your hair wet." (She thinks I never put my head under, but that's not entirely true.) Best of all, I've seen her and a few other ladies copy my signature moves.  Like this one:
Except I kneel on the board. Sitting's for wimps.
It's a fantastic thing to discover a form of exercise that gives you more than a mere workout. Swimming is the cure for what ails me. Try it. I'll bet it can cure you, too.


Anonymous said...

I taught Water Aerobics for 20 years when it was first popular in California and no one knew much about it here. Loved the exercise or water walking. Still go to the pool as often as I can. I especially love jogging in the deep end. I have arthritis,fibromyalgia,bad knees,hips, and feet. So this is a wonderful exercise for me to keep in my life.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Anon, good for you! If only we could have indoor pools attached to our homes. That's the only downside...it's not the most convenient of exercise options.

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