Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baggy, bunching pants problem solved

I've been trying to rock the leggings/skinny jeans-and-boots look. But, because I wear my leggings on the loose side (57-year-old legs in skin-tight pants tend to resemble sausage casing), I couldn't keep them from riding up out of my boots and bunching around the knees. Not a good look. I tried tucking my jeans into tight socks, but that only worked for about a half hour. Then, I found Jean Straps - a simple but genius solution to my problem.

Employing those funny little garters we once used to hold up our stockings, pre-pantyhose days (and, yes, you could make your own...but why?), these little gadgets do the trick. But, if you want something even simpler, I just discovered that Macy's still sells stirrup pants in a ponte knit...and they're on sale right now (yes, I bought two pair.)
Yeah, so those nude pumps - not so much.
 Don't laugh. Under boots and a tunic sweater, these are going to be fab! 

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