Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Getting down to Black Friday business

First of all, I will not shop on Thanksgiving. No how, no way, ne-VAH. I loathe the very idea of it. Shame, shame, shame, Macy's! Tut-tut, Target! Booooo, Best Buy! Woe to you, Wal-mart! 
    But, I will not judge. If someone wants to spend the holiday doing this...
who am I to say it's wrong...and completely insane? What I will do is participate in Black Friday. The last two years, I have had to work because, as the downtown director, I was solely responsible for Santa's arrival in my fair city. That, my friends, makes for a stressful day.
OK, maybe I had a little help from Fire and Rescue.
Now, since I'm retired and because my husband's hip surgery is moving up to mid-December, I'm jumping into the Black Friday fray and then again on Small Business Saturday. I'm developing my strategy now. Friday: "Bizarre Bazaar" crafts show at the arts center, 40% off everything sale at the garden center, then home to make Turkey Mulligatawny soup. (Can't overdo it on the first day.) Saturday: Support the small businesses by hitting three or four of my favorite shops downtown, then home to make turkey chili and decorate for Christmas.
   Then again, I may spend the whole weekend in my pj's.

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