Monday, November 18, 2013

Hippy, hippy shake

Get a load of the retro art on the brochure. Don Draper's getting a new hip.
To say "my spouse is stoic" would be an understatement along the lines of "Miley Cyrus is unreserved." He thought he pulled a groin muscle during a workout but - ahem! - two-and-a-half months and lots of nagging (by me) later, he decided that maybe something else was going on. After a short stint at the chiropractor - which only made things worse - he paid a visit to our friendly, neighborhood orthopedic surgeon. Several x-rays later, turns out he's got bone-on-bone arthritis in his right hip. The doctor couldn't believe he'd only been suffering "such a short time." (As if anyone would know, doc.) The hubs wants a second opinion, of course. But, something tells me January is going to be the month that will test our marital mettle.

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