Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hot pads be gone!

I'm an accident waiting to happen in the kitchen.  I will cut, burn or otherwise injure myself every time I attempt to cook a meal. My worst trick is trying to lift a lid from a steaming pot on the stove without the benefit of a hot pad or oven mitt.  Thankfully, I saw this on the internet today.
Now, I can stir my sautéed cinnamon apples without scorching my digits!
My God, what a brilliant idea! Just slip three corks through the lid handle and - voila! - no more finger burns. I wish I could remember the source of this genius so I could offer proper attribution. Whatever it was - whoever they were - they have my undying gratitude.


Carol Starr Schneider said...


GolferGirl said...

Yes, isn't this a great idea? I saw it somewhere a few years ago, and all my lids now have corks in the lid handles. Some people are so creative!

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