Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to "self-clean" your racks

I'm throwing a reunion party this Saturday for all my former co-workers at the newspaper (of which there are many) and hosting book club on Monday night. This has given me the, er, opportunity to deep-clean my house before the holidays. I've cleaned and organized all my drawers, purged the fridge of all science experiments and, as we speak, am "self-cleaning" my oven for the first time.  (For the record, the oven has been cleaned but never "self cleaned.") Before the oven can clean itself, it asks you to remove the racks. "What?! You don't do racks, Miss Fancy Frigidaire Gallery Double Oven? What kind of a slacker are you?!?) I wasn't having it. There had to be some way to "self clean" oven racks...without cleaning them myself.  Internet to the rescue!
Thanks to this woman and her blog, my racks are now cleaning themselves in my bathtub. (Hint: The trick is dryer sheets.) I even threw in the rack from my stainless steel sink (which is grosser than the oven racks, if that's possible), for good measure. I'll let them sit for the suggested 18 hours and, hopefully, give them a quick brush and return to my oven all shiny and sparkling. I'm living' the dream, people!


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