Friday, December 27, 2013

Back to school we go!

This is fairly close to what we actually looked like in '81.
The last time my husband and I took a class together was in 1981. Childbirth class or Lamaze, I think they called it, at St. Luke's Hospital. Our teacher happened to be my best friend, an R.N. who would help deliver our firstborn child. After class, we went shopping for baby stuff, then to dinner at a cheap restaurant. It was the best class we ever attended with a comprehensive exam at the that continues 32 years later (which is something they don't teach you: the test goes on till you're in the grave!)
Look at us now! Apparently, we'll both be really good tennis players after the hubs' surgery.
Tonight, we will complete our educational circle by attending Total Hip Replacement Class at St. Luke's South. I don't know who is teaching the class, but the flyer promised good information, snacks and things to take home. After class, we'll go shopping for a new exercise bike (recommended for hip patients) then to dinner at a moderately-priced restaurant. The test at the end will come after next week's surgery, when I am the nurse (read: boss) and he is the patient at home. For the record, he hasn't exactly been cramming for the test.

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