Monday, December 2, 2013

Careful, people. I could get crafty!

This used to be an expensive wool sweater purchased for me in the early 90s by my family. I loved that sweater but I wore it only a few times due to its tendency to make me sweat like a sailor in all but the coldest weather. Eventually, it went out of style and became too big for me. Still, I could never bear to give it away. Inspired by the felted goods for sale at Bizarre Bazaar last weekend, I dug it out, felted it (by sending it through the washer/dryer in hot water/air....twice), then cut and sewed to make this cozy Santa Fe style pillow for the living room. I even made boot toppers with the sleeves!
Not these, but like these.
I'm bursting with pride, I tell ya, and scanning the closet for more old wool sweaters. If you have any hanging around, send 'em my way.



What a clever idea.

Cathy Hamilton said...

I agree, TT, while admitting it was someone else's idea. You can also make nice, warm headbands with the turtlenecks of sweaters which involves more felting and folding, but I'm working up to that slowly.

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