Saturday, December 7, 2013

Digitize your memories FAST with Flip-Pal

I told the folks at Flip-Pal I didn't know when I'd get around to test-driving their sweet little mobile scanner. The holidays and all. I figured I'd need a a huge block of time to get my (thousands of) pictures organized. But yesterday, the weather outside was frightful and I had a few hours on my hands, so I decided to go for it. I hauled out boxes of old photos and started scanning to my heart's content. The machine is super simple to set up and, because it's battery-operated, you can scan anywhere you have a level surface - on the breakfast bar, in bed, on the floor while you pretend to be doing yoga because you wimped out on going to the pool in the cold. And, it's fast! When I got in the flow, I was scanning 4-5 photos per minute. (Hint: you don't have to wait for the second pass before lifting the lid and inserting the next picture to be scanned.) By the afternoon, I had over 400 photos in my laptop - all cropped, color corrected and optimized for slide show viewing:
Oh, those crazy 80's. May we go back, please?
Hippies on Halloween.
Little girls' luau birthday party
Sorority shenanigans, circa '76
Caution: The Flip-Pal can be additive, not only for its ease of operation but for the sheer joy you'll feel (those 80's hairstyles notwithstanding) seeing the happiest moments of your life flashed across the computer screen. (Because who snaps pictures of the bad times?)
    Flip-Pal has extended their special offer from Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Receive a $20 discount on the Pink Bundle, which includes the Flip-Pal scanner, commemorative scanner lid and pink carrying case by using coupon code pink6 as well as the following link: Once the pink bundle is placed in the shopping cart, just enter the pink6 to enjoy the discount. The offer is now good through Dec. 31.
   The price after the discount is around $175, so I'd suggest extended families chip in and buy one together. After I finish scanning all of my pics, I'll be lending the Flip-Pal to my mom and each of my siblings so we can pool our photos and swap. 


Carol Starr Schneider said...


KJ said...

Love it!

A Fan said...

Thanks for sharing this. Have been staring at our boxes of photos wondering about the best solution to preserve them. BTW your and your hub's 80's picture is pretty cute and normal. We have some much worse in terms of fashion and hair do choices. Ah me, the 80's does seem like yesterday to us.

Cathy Hamilton said...

AF, believe me, I did not reveal the worst of them although I'm tempted because some are fall-down funny. The only problem is editing as you go. Not every photo can make the cut, and that's terribly difficult when you're feeling so nostalgic.

Victoria M said...

I really need this putting it on my wish list.

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