Thursday, December 5, 2013

Grapefruit and apple water

Half a red grapefruit, sliced and squeezed, and a whole apple sliced thin
So, you know that 'I'm definitely breaking up with coffee' post from yesterday? Yeah, not so much today. I woke up fifteen minutes before I needed to be at my volunteer gig and, without even thinking, poured and consumed a cup of that damn Joe (the pot was already made by my early-rising spouse.) Only then, did I remember I had given it up. 40-year habits are hard to break. Oh, well. "Tomorrow is another day," said Scarlett.  To counteract my blunder, I decided to up my water consumption by doing another one of those spa-inspired, healthful infusions.  This time, it's red grapefruit and apple. Super simple to do. Just add slices of whatever fruit or veggies you like (cucumber is delightful) and float in a large pitcher or carafe of H2O. Keep adding water to the concoction as you drink during the day.  Eliminates those cravings for soda and keeps you nice and detoxed. I'd like to think it will help fend off this cold I've been fighting for a couple of weeks, too.


Amber Fraley said...

You look fantastic!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Amber, thank you! And, I'm so glad you visited my humble log. Happy holidays to you!

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