Friday, December 6, 2013

Head shots: Stark reality in high rez

Due to my desire to reinvent myself as a commercial actor, I am examining my aging self in a new, not always comfortable, light. First, there was the 'go-see' audition for a print job - promotional materials for a bank. I knew my gray hair would read "mature," but seeing the words on the casting sign: Needed: "Woman, old".... that was hard to swallow. I didn't get the gig. Maybe I just wasn't old enough, I rationalized. My ego was still intact. Then, I got my new head shots back.
I don't mind this one, except it looks like I'm about to fall down. "Woman, old...with Ménière's disease"
Here's what I should have done before looking at over 30 photos of myself:
      1) Have a stiff drink
      2) Take off my glasses
      3) Repeat #1
      4) Repeat #3
Now, I'll admit to taking a selfie or two with my phone, but seeing yourself through someone else's sharp lens - especially in close-up - is a reality more disturbing than "My Strange Addiction." That's right. I would rather watch someone eat a phone book than look at those crevices on my face. (Kids, stay out of the sun! I can't emphasize this enough.)
"Woman, old" on phone with her dermatologist: "Are you kidding me with this Retinol crap?!?".
But, the show must go on and now I must choose three to five of the best "looks" for the talent agency's website. Let's consider the other possible choices, shall we?
"Woman, old" laughing hysterically for no reason on a staircase in Barnes & Noble. She might be lost.

"Woman, old" giving it one more shot as a hooker.
"Woman, old" still at B&N. Yep, lost and terrified.
There are more proofs, but I won't do that to you. It's the holidays. My one consolation? At least, I'm not reinventing myself as a swimsuit model.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Love!!!! Love!!! Love!!!!

Cathy Hamilton said...

So, do you think the hooker thing might take? Because I may need to find another avocation.

Gretchen | Parkinsons Disease Treatments said...

You look great! Some "old" people now looks like 30 because of technologies. What did you do to maintain your younger look? How I wish when I got old, I can be like you.

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