Thursday, December 19, 2013

Raising the blood pressure bar

There is nothing I would like more than to kiss my blood pressure pills buh-bye...which would make me med-free. Today, I read new guidelines for blood pressure in the over-60 set might make that possible. Huh?!? First, the hubs doesn't need his cholesterol medicine after all, and now this? Seriously, which study and who can we really trust? I'm tempting to take a break from the pills, monitoring myself every day, to see what happens. But, not until after the holidays, the hubs' hip replacement surgery and my son moving to New York.  I may or may not be hypertensive, but I'm not an idiot.


Lola Smith said...

Hey,I'd like to shear some point to you.You may need to commonly raise your blood pressure in the event that it is excessively low and you have manifestations. Low blood pressure without any manifestations may be typical for a few people. Then again, indications of discombobulation connected with blood pressure perusing short of what 90 systolic (top number) and 60 diastolic (base number) could flag an underlying issue. At the point when blood pressure is excessively low, swooning happens. The fundamental organs and particularly the cerebrum are denied of oxygen. Genuinely low blood pressure reasons stun. In a few cases, blood pressure short of what 90/60 is overall endured and would not be viewed as a threat. There are steps you can take to regularly raise your blood pressure.Have a nice day......
Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

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