Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Tis the season, after all!

Ho, ho, ho!
And, suddenly, it happens. You're driving around running last-minute errands, wearing your funny stocking cap with the bell on the tip, listening to Mariah Carey on the radio...and it hits you. The spirit that has fully eluded you for 24 days. You suddenly feel so good, you snap a selfie in the drive-through line at Walgreens (because sinus problems never take a holiday), then cruise head-on to the grocery store where everyone is in such a freaking good mood, they don't seem to mind the insane congestion in the aisles. Every last shopper is smiling, meeting your eyes as they pass. Maybe it's that crazy hat you're wearing, who knows? Even the overworked sackers are happy. Things are going so well, you think, "I might as well fill up for the road trip to Mom's tomorrow." So, you wait in another line, now listening to Nat King Cole and, my God, who is better than Nat King Cole?! And, it doesn't matter if you have tons of wrapping and cooking left to do. It's Christmas Eve, your favorite day of the year. And if the Christmas spirit took a little longer to get here than usual, it will be well worth it when you're gathered around the table with family, enjoying a traditional Beef Wellington dinner, great wine and love, love, love.  Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays, no matter how you celebrate. xo

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