Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Field trip

I won't lie to you, folks. This constant togetherness and chauffeuring is hard work.  It's not like we're on vacation. Hell, it's Kansas in January! Look "Kansas in January" up in your Merriam-Webster. It's the direct antonym for "vacation." Frankly, I'm looking at the next four weeks with increasing dread. How desperate have I gotten? The photo below tells the story. That's right. I agreed to drive the patient to Home Depot...AND go in. For the record, if you have to go to the Depot, 1:30 p.m. is the best time to go. I hope never to test that particular theory again.
At least, someone's a happy camper.


A Fan said...

You're a good egg, BG and a loyal loving spouse. Am amazed, at what seems to be, your Hub's speedy recovery. He appears to be doing great. My Hubs had some outpatient surgery a few years ago that required a pretty intensive week of some home post-op care. I was more than glad to do it, of course, but my favorite time of day was after he had his evening "pain pill" that put him to beddy-bye for the night. I would then pour a big cocktail for myself and enjoy the evening till the "morning shift" began. :-)

Cathy Hamilton said...

AF, thanks. I will attribute the speedy recovery (again) to the anterior approach of the surgery, not to my caregiving skills. As a good friend reminded me the other day, "there's a reason we didn't go into nursing." The hubs is no fan of pain pills but he does enjoy his beer.

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