Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hair apparent

Enough about the hub's new hip and son's new big city life. It's all about me today. I've decided to grow out my hair this year. The short 'do was great when I was working and didn't have time to fuss. Now, I want longer tresses to play around with, for variety's sake. (I'm a Sagittarius. I get bored easily.) But, which 'look' should I try? I turned to Taaz Virtual Makeover where I uploaded a head shot and tried on celebrity hair for grins...and a few guffaws.
Jane Fonda - post Ted Turner
You can also change the color of your hair, so I switched to Platinum since it was the closest to my silver/gray/blond color...
Jenna Elfman - Too shaggy
Kristin Dunst - Too long
Cameron Diaz - Just right
 The Taaz site also features other makeover tools, too, including teeth whitening and make-up. It's the perfect little diversion for a stay-inside day.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Hilarity! What about Meryl Streep in "Devil Wear Prada?"

Cathy Hamilton said...

Good idea but they didn't have Meryl, and only one 'meh' shot of Helen Mirren. They're going after a younger crowd, methinks.

Claudia Goffe said...

This is a good idea, there should also be one for beards too. My boyfriend uses oils from to look after his beard and he loves it. However I think he wants to change the style a bit.

chenlina said...
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