Saturday, January 4, 2014

(Mom's) Home Sweet Home

The nurses call Room 338 "the presidential suite" but, in the end, I decided to sleep in my old childhood bed last night.

The patient was doing well, having walked to the bathroom on his new hip without incident, so I opted not to sleep on "the world's least comfortable sofa bed," according to the nurse.

"Besides, he's going to need you to be fresh tomorrow," she said. Big therapy day ahead. And, did I mention snow and sub-zero temps coming? I hope there's a class in ice walking.

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A Fan said...

Happy to hear that all went well. Yes, do be careful BG on your travels back and forth to room 338. And imho hospitals make the guest "sofa beds" so uncomfortable because they really don't want people to use them. ;-)

Cathy Hamilton said...

You are right. The nurse made a compelling case for me not to stay. Too many noises, too many interruptions, etc.

Carol Starr Schneider said...

So glad it went well! Relief central.

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