Thursday, January 30, 2014

Take that, sarcopenia!

I am all-too familiar with osteoarthritis which destroyed the hip my husband recently had replaced. But, it took an email from the folks at BeStrongBeFree to school me on sarcopenia, the gradual deterioration of muscle mass in pretty much everyone over 60. For the record, I'm 58, but reading this description of sarcopenia convinced me I've had a mild case for a couple years. I'm definitely stiffer than I used to be after sitting a while. I do that Tim Conway grandpa shuffle on the way to the bathroom in the morning. And, my muscles seem to be more sore after a workout than ever before. What's a boomer to do? This guy knows.
His name is Neil Short and he designed a strength-training program to combat sarcopenia which, of course, he wants to sell. What's different about this program is that you can go to the website and try the exercises, simply demonstrated on video, before you buy. I've seen most of the moves before. In fact, I do several of them in the pool. But, I was particularly interested in - and amused by - a new one called the Get Up. 

Now, what could be so difficult about getting up from the floor and going back down again? Nothing, I thought. But, try it ten times in a row and it's a darn good little warm-up. I did the Get Up this morning before hopping on the treadmill. My dog thought I was crazy, but it's good to keep the canines guessing.

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