Monday, January 6, 2014

Who's the boss?

I realize these are two males, but imagine that's me on the right.
(My dear friend, Short Jewish Gal, used to write for the TV sitcom,"Who's the Boss?" As you can tell if you read her excellent blog, she is going through some challenges of her own these days. The headline of this post is my nod to her. SJG, I'm still thinking about you.)
    Back at BoomerGirl Ranch, where BoomerBoy is home for - hold on to your hats, cowpokes! - 5-1/2 weeks... it's a new reality. Husband and wife together, 24/7. Day in - day out. IN THE WINTER! Until his follow-up appointment on Valentine's Day, ironically enough, when life will return to normal. Hopefully. It hasn't been one full day and already there are power struggles. "Let me get that for you." "I can get it." "Don't be a hero. Take another pain pill." "I'll take one if I need one." As SJG would say, "Oy!" My one advantage: Since he's not allowed to drive, he can't go anywhere without me. Some might call this a pain in the gluteus maximus, and it certainly will be. But, I think I can use it to beat him into submission: "If you don't sit down and rest, I won't take you to Home Depot. Yeah, that's right. I'm the boss. Don't you forget it, hippie!"


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Oh, BG! Thankie bunches for the lovely shout out during my time of Oy. If I may weigh in here on this matter, I believe you are the boss, and Sir Hip Replacement is your humble employee who needs to follow orders, or else. I wish you the best of luck during this period of enforced togetherness. A glass of wine or two may help.

A Fan said...

Good luck, BG. "This too shall pass." As I move closer to an early retirement, my Hubs and I are contemplating the thought of more time together. He'll still be working several years longer because of our age difference, but I travel a lot for work and that will cease. We recently teased a couple we know who retired at the same time last year and were going through a rough time of having a bit too much time together after years of seperate and busy careers. We visited to find several large trenches dug in their backyard (foundation work that needed to be done) We teased that if one of them went missing . . . we would know where to look. ;-)

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks, both of you. AF, that "retirement in the trenches" story is hilarious. I'm fairly sure the 5-week stint with me will compel my spouse to extend his retirement date indefinitely.

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