Saturday, February 1, 2014

Februrary: Cabin Fever Project No. 1

I decided to take January off to concentrate on nursing my spouse back to health after his aforementioned too many times hip surgery. Now that it's finally February, I'm ready to tackle the first of many household projects, namely, renovating the powder room. We converted the closet under the stairs to a half bath shortly after moving into this house in 1988.  The room had all kinds of weird angles, so I decided to paper the walls with my collection of old sheet music. It was labor intensive, let me tell you.
You can see how the edges of the sheets are starting to peel up
Our guests have loved our little powder room, mainly because it was unexpected and gave them a lot to look at as they, well, sat around.
I even found some music in a frame at a garage sale once. More is more.
Now, it needs to change. I'm tired of looking at it and want a look less busy while still visually entertaining for our guests.
This was the spot of a small fire during a New Year's Eve party. I used to burn candles on that little shelf. No more.
We have a hammered copper bar sink left over from the kitchen remodel, so I'm going to ask the hubby to build a small vanity for it. Then, I'll strip the sheet music (God help me) and paint the walls a nice, flattering color. For visual interest, some strategically-placed pieces of humorous art, like the one I saw on the internet, which I plan on printing and framing. As a female living in Kansas, I've been called Dorothy by countless out-of-staters, but that's only one reason I find this hilarious...

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judy miller said...

I love your powder room update. We are shortly become homeless when our builders move in to update all our plumbing which is a 'victorian-style mess'. As part of the renovation we are putting in a new powder room so I will put your pictures on my pinterest page and refer back yo it later. Great boomer blog!

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