Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good fortune trifecta!

This past weekend, I received two wonderful offers: 1) To house sit for a friend in Santa Fe for two weeks, late March to mid-April, which I immediately accepted with no reservations; and 2) a free two-week pass to the ladies-only gym in my neighborhood, including four personal training sessions, which I immediately accepted with one or two reservations. After all, I've been down the gym membership road before and it can get bumpy. You pay all that money and start out gung-ho, only to peter out to the point where you avert your eyes every time you drive by the place. Today, I discovered that, due to a 'snowstorm of the season' special, the gym in question is offering $10 off their initiation fee for every inch of snow we received yesterday...that's a $140 discount which makes my guilt considerably less. I'm thinking I'd better play the lottery today.

1 comment:

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