Saturday, February 15, 2014


To celebrate the hubs' 6-week post-surgical follow-up, which resulted in a clean bill of heath (yay!), we headed to Omaha for the weekend. (Because isn't that where everyone goes to celebrate a new hip?) But seriously, folks, our out-of-pocket expenses for the surgery were about what it would cost to go to Mexico for a week as previously planned, so compromise was required. Our goals were to get out of town in a short drive, experience the grand Magnolia Hotel, and devour a delicious Nebraska steak. What we didn't expect was to bump into the Cupid's Undie Run after lunch.....
Running a mile in their skivvies for charity.

or John Wayne in the coolest/weirdest Old Market antique mall/candy store we've ever seen. Candy from my youth, still being made apparently, made me nostalgic and happy I swore off sugar (for the most part) when I did. A girl with a sweet tooth could go crazy in that place....
Candy cigarettes.,... my old favorites!
FIZZIES!!  Be still my heart!
Me and Duke
A kid in a candy store

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