Monday, February 24, 2014

Why I love Costco

With rumors of a new, big box food store coming to town (please, don't let it be Sam's) and news of a "farmer's market-type" grocery store planned for the west side, I continue to commute to Kansas City to visit my two favorite food markets - Costco and Trader Joe's.  Both seem like good places to work as evidenced by their happy employees, and they always seem to have new products that justify the extra gas mileage. Last week, I scored a handy dandy infusion pitcher set and the BEST DAMN GLUTEN FREE BREAD I'VE EVER TASTED!!
It's a given that when you give up gluten, you give up the fluffiness usually found in baked goods. Sometimes, though, denser is better, especially when combined with nuts and a multitude of who knows what kinds of grains. And, because it's gluten-free, it has an amazing shelf life, which is great when one only indulges in toast once or twice a week.  Highly recommended.

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