Thursday, March 20, 2014

Five minutes, Ms. Hamilton!

When I decided to retire from the 9 to 5 last July, I casually said to my husband, "Maybe I'll become an actor." After all, I would be free - at last! -  to go on auditions and under no contractual obligation to be the exclusive spokesperson for one company. I was lucky enough to find a hungry new agent who signed me in November. She told me from the get-go that jobs for women in their 50s were the most difficult to come by. "You're too old to play a mom and too young to be elderly." Seems she was right since I have gone on just two 'go see' auditions since December (not including half a dozen voice-over auditions). Fortunately, the second 'go see' was the charm because I got the booking yesterday! I will play a "mature" mom sitting with her "young professional" daughter waiting for test results from the hospital in a TV commercial and print ad.  I will get paid handsomely for one day's work (if sitting there saying nothing and looking anxious could be considered work....for me, it's just another day) and, more importantly, have something new for the old - and I mean OLD - resume. Looks like my second career is finally beginning. I'm not the spokesperson for Depends, yet....but a girl can dream.

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Carol Starr Schneider said...

Mazel tov! So proud of you honey.

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