Sunday, March 30, 2014

Santa Fe....all the way!

My traveling companion (until tomorrow, sadly) has posted a hilarious account of our Saturday together. Rather than recreate it, I suggest you go to her blog and read it. She did an excellent job telling the story and why reinvent the wheel? I would just like to add that while I admired her free spirit, "Commando" Winnie's high-high kick will remain burned in my visual memory bank forever, which isn't necessarily a good thing.
Today, we took in the gorgeous Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. 
Black Hollyhock Blue Larkspur, 1930 (Oil on canvas)
Then, I got a serious vicarious thrill watching my very deserving friend shop for lovely souvenirs in one of my favorite Santa Fe shops, Street Feet.
She was so thrilled, she was positively daffy.
New scarf, new shoes, new bracelet. And I didn't spend a dime!
It's so much fun to see Santa Fe through the eyes of the Short Jewish Gal from L.A.  I will miss her when she leaves tomorrow. And, just in case I get bored all by myself for six days until my college friends arrive, I bought this at the museum shop....

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Carol Starr Schneider said...

I've had best time with you. Sad to be leaving. They'll probably have another earthquake in L.A. the second I step off the plane.

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