Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eat, Play, Spa: Day 1

The article I'm writing will have a sidebar story titled, "The Spas of Santa Fe." In the name of research, I am receiving one "signature" spa treatment per day for four days, starting today.  (Don't hate me because I'm lucky.) Treatment No. 1 was an authentic shiatsu massage at Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese-style spa eight miles north of town at the base of the mountain.
The entrance to Ten Thousand Waves. Well worth the climb.
One is fully clothed when one receives a shiatsu massage, which is probably a good thing because of the intense but energizing technique used by the massage therapist and the rather intimate positions one is put into, at times. I was given a t-shirt and sweats that were so comfortable, I was tempted not to give them back.
Reverse selfie taken in the locker room. Wish I knew what the Japanese character meant.
My massage was followed by twenty minutes in the relaxation room and another twenty or so in the clothing optional woman's tub where I was one of only two women opting for swimsuits. The rest were naked. I was so blissed out, I hardly noticed.  
This isn't my photo. No babies today. Just naked, nubile young women. But, I really didn't notice.
After four hours in a Zen-like state, I returned to my inn and decided to order room service: Blue corn chicken enchiladas and a house margarita for just fifteen dollars.
Heaven on a tray.
Something tells me I'm going to sleep like a stone tonight.  Tomorrow, a signature facial at The Four Seasons of Santa Fe. (Again, please...don't hate!)


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Dang, Wally! I knew I should have stayed longer. What fun!!!! Enjoy today and think of me whenever you sip a big girl 'rita.

Cathy Hamilton said...

We should have taken a scenic drive. That's my only regret. BTW, I found out why we weren't very hungry here (although that didn't stop us from eating). It's in my latest post.

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