Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finally... chino weather!

I owe J. Jill an apology. They sent me this super-cute dress from their spring Chino line to review over a month ago. Trouble is, it's been so cold - first in New Mexico, then home in Kansas - I haven't had the chance to give it a test drive until this week.
I wore mine with dark denim leggings and a navy, bandana-style scarf. Casual chic.
Kinda wish I would've ordered this color to carry over into fall.
    Now, when one thinks of chinos, one typically thinks of pants. J. Jill has plenty of those, too. But, I liked the idea of this dress which I thought could double as a tunic. And it can. The mid-weight fabric is super-soft with great body and has just the right amount of stretch to give a little in all the appropriate places. I wore this number (with leggings) to an outdoor event when the temperature was 70 degrees and it was perfect - not too warm or too cool. Plus, the length is long enough to wear it with bare legs, albeit after some serious fake tanning, an overdue pedicure and full-leg wax.  The reviews online are overwhelmingly positive with some suggesting it is runs small in the bust. I did not find this to be the case and, believe me, my bust is no shrinking violet. (Did I mention it's been marked down?)
   Of course, this being Kansas, it could be 95 degrees tomorrow. In that case, J. Jill's new linen line might be calling my name.

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