Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mr. Owl, friend or foe?

Immediately after posting this little video on Facebook, ominous comments began appearing in my feed. "I hope you don't have a cat or small dog!" "Yes! Keep small pets indoors!" Ever since, I've been sizing up our cocker spaniel with an objective eye. Risk assessment, if you will.  Weighing in at a formidable 35 pounds, she's too big to be considered owl prey.... but she's not the swiftest spaniel on the block. And, those owls are stealthy. Their wings make no sound in flight. What kind of a chance would a preoccupied, bunny-chasing pooch have under attack? Damn. And, to think I used to look forward to spring.


A Fan said...

"If I could talk to the animals. . . ." Sorry I couldn't resist. :-) I'd be worried about my pup too!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Dr. Doolittle/AF: I have since read that the barred owl, being sedentary and somewhat lazy, won't attack a dog unless there is an imminent threat to the nest. Mr. Owl never takes his eyes off us when we're in the yard, but I don't think he's dangerous.

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