Saturday, May 24, 2014

Letting off (a lot of) steam

All I wanted was a seam ripper and hem tape. Yesterday, I decided to let out that hem of my new dress myself. (See post below.) After all, my mother sent me to sewing class for the entire summer of '68.  I used to make my own dresses and scooter skirts. With zippers, mind you! I could, at least, let out a hem in time for the wedding tomorrow. Well, it turned out that the only fabric store was having a huge Memorial Day sale...fabrics marked down by 40%, notions 50% off or BOGO! I wasn't a bit tempted UNTIL I saw this little baby - a professional steamer at 25% off - and there was only one left!
My new BF posing in front of my now-obsolete built-in ironing station.
I've always wanted a professional steamer (versus an amateur steamer... I take my wrinkles very seriously) but I never felt I had the space for it. Nevertheless, I picked that puppy off the shelf, brought it home, filled it up and have, literally, been steaming ever since. God help me, I CAN'T STOP! By the time we leave for the wedding tomorrow, everything in my closet will be wrinkle-free. My dress may not be hemmed, but that linen will be smooooooth!

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Carol Starr Schneider said...

I'm so happy for you, Wally. Use your steamer in good health. Meanwhile, what happened with the spray tan?

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