Thursday, May 8, 2014

Owlet watch!

Today, I will reap one of the benefits of early retirement - or, at least, stay-at-home part-time employment - as I monitor the exciting activity in our old, dead tree. We have babies! Two owlets, at least. (It appears the endless and noisy mating ritual has paid off.) I took this picture last evening when we realized we finally were with owlets and confirmed that the nest was in our old, dead locust tree. (Good thing we cancelled the tree removal.)
The baby is hardly visible, but it's there on the left side where we had a huge limb removed last year. The face is white and the eyes look like two pieces of charcoal.
Post feeding at the nest.
This morning, I watched the mother or father (not sure) hunt and feed for two cycles before I had to go inside to get dressed for an appointment.
Flying off to find more food.
I could be entertained like this indefinitely. Nature. Ain't it grand?!


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Mazel tov! I'm knelling from my owl-free zone in Sherman Oaks.

Geri Walton said...

How cool. I would love to have owlets in my trees.

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