Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Professional couch potato: My true calling?

This morning, I spent two hours working as an extra in a commercial for AMC Theatres. All I had to do was sit in a movie theatre recliner and do nothing. (Sadly, they wouldn't let us eat the popcorn they gave us as props.)  The upside was, I met a couple of fun young women sitting next to me, one of whom is represented by my agency. She asked if I had gotten any bookings yet and I said, "Yes, a TV commercial." "Have you seen it yet?" she asked, excitedly. "It's not airing in my market," I replied. "I'll bet it's on YouTube," she said, as if to add, "Like, duh!" Sure enough, it is on YouTube. And, sure enough, there I am, sitting on a sofa doing nothing. It's not quite the sexy acting career I imagined for myself in my youth but, for doing what I normally do at home anyway, it's a pretty good gig.