Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Professional couch potato: My true calling?

This morning, I spent two hours working as an extra in a commercial for AMC Theatres. All I had to do was sit in a movie theatre recliner and do nothing. (Sadly, they wouldn't let us eat the popcorn they gave us as props.)  The upside was, I met a couple of fun young women sitting next to me, one of whom is represented by my agency. She asked if I had gotten any bookings yet and I said, "Yes, a TV commercial." "Have you seen it yet?" she asked, excitedly. "It's not airing in my market," I replied. "I'll bet it's on YouTube," she said, as if to add, "Like, duh!" Sure enough, it is on YouTube. And, sure enough, there I am, sitting on a sofa doing nothing. It's not quite the sexy acting career I imagined for myself in my youth but, for doing what I normally do at home anyway, it's a pretty good gig.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

You are brilliant! You look wonderful! Yay!!!!

Susan Chaney said...

Not everyone can pull off that look of "My daughter is so smart!" You nailed it.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks, CSS.
SC, that comment made me spit out my coffee!

Cathy Hamilton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jp said...

what Susan said!

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