Sunday, June 1, 2014

June is bustin' out all over!

I'll never forget the time Dean Martin sang his version of that song from "Carousel" on his TV show:
    June is bustin' out all over... June better get a bigger dress.
Oh, that Deano. I rolled around on the floor, laughing. That was probably fifty years ago. My humor wasn't as, ahem, sophisticated as it is now.
   But, I digress. June really is bustin' out at Chez BoomerGirl and every day, the show is spectacular.
The view from my home "office." Two weeks when dish washing is actually a joy.
Bloomin' lavender, gov'nah!
Our weird but colorful landscaping
Pale pink double impatiens in little pots by the front door.
   So many people go away this time of year. Not me. I like to wait until my yard is scorched brown and there's not a bloom in sight. It hits around late July to mid-August when I cuss every time I have to venture into the heat to water. I catch myself saying things to the plants like, "Die, damn you! Just go ahead and die!"
   June, you may need a roomier frock, but you're a-okay by me.

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