Saturday, July 12, 2014

City mouse, country mouse

It's hot and I've obviously gotten lazy on the old blog because, well, it's hot, I'm cranky and I haven't had much to say. But, today, I went for a drive to Bismarck Gardens, the best place to buy fresh field corn in all of these here parts and had one of those "How lucky am I?" moments.
Inside this unassuming little farm store you'll find pure gold on the cob
One of the best things about living in Lawrence, Kansas, is the ready availability of farm fresh food.  From my house, it's an 8- to 12-minute drive to the country in every direction where all kinds of great family farms offer fresh-picked produce.
High as an elephant's eye!
After I loaded up with corn, tomatoes and something called "Candy Onions," I hit the little Iwig Dairy Store on my way home for some fresh, ice cold milk in a glass bottle.
If I hit the lights, this little place is five minutes from home. You haven't lived until you've tried this milk.
The trip took less than a half hour.  How lucky am I?

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