Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meditation made easy: Just do it!

One of the things I've always thought I should do on a daily basis - besides eat wisely, exercise and enjoy a good hug - is meditate. But, I've never known exactly how to go about it. Do I sign up for a class in TM? Engage a yogi for private lessons by the hour? There are all kinds of experts suggesting that meditation is good for the aging brain, but none so convincing as Brian Johnson who puts it in plain old easy-to-understand language with no New Age nonsense. Watch the video here. (Click on 'Preview this class.' I love the bit about the 100% paradox.) After viewing Brian's presentation last week, I started meditating for 12 minutes every morning and am about to increase to 20 minutes. I still have problems taming my "mind monkey," at times (okay, all the time) but I really am noticing more clarity and increased feelings of calm. And, if it will fend off Alzheimer's, more power to me! Ommmm.


flame93 said...

Also check out this Deepak Chopra vids

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks, flame93. I will!

Carol Starr Schneider said...

Serenity now! SERENITY NOW!

Kirpal Singh said...

seenHello there,the objective of most meditation practices is simple: Bring your attention to one thing so as to deepen your consciousness of the present moment. For multitaskers, giving careful consideration to only one thing might be a challenge. The trap is to discover a practice style believe it or not for you. On the off chance that sitting and breathing is not your thing, attempt a basic walking meditation. In case you're not happy with the commotion inside your head, listen to the sounds outside it. On the off chance that quiet is terrifying, rehash a mantra.
Thanks a lot for your post.
Kirpal Singh

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