Saturday, July 19, 2014

Presidential upgrade

Thanks to my media card, we received a rock star upgrade to the Hotel Sorella's Presidential Suite. 1500 sf of opulence. 1-1/2 baths. 5 sinks throughout. A private terrace that holds 41 people. A dining table for eight. And a bathroom to die for.  Regular nightly rate? Only $2500, a mere pittance for rock stars and presidents. (I paid 1/25th of that, for the record.) The nice young woman at the desk told me she wanted me to see "the best the hotel had to offer." For one night - and one night only - we were living like the one percent.
Looking presidential at one of the two wet bars in the suite. He made me call him Mr. President all night. 
Shower big enough for 12.
Check out the size of this bathroom in the mirror.
Luxuriously comfy bed and white leather sofa in bedroom.
Our private terrace.
We were tempted to call 39 of our closest friends for an impromptu soiree but decided against it.
The lobby of Hotel Sorella


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Maybe I should stay here!

Cathy Hamilton said...

You would love it. The non-presidential rooms are lovely, too, and they have the best bagels and lox I've ever had...which isn't saying much since my Midwestern bar is low, but very tasty nonetheless.

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