Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back porch politickin'

During my years (decades) as a journalist, I could never be publicly involved in politics. That was a no-no in the newsroom: no-no to yard signs, no-no to candidate contributions, no-no to bumper stickers. Even though I never covered politics or hard news of any kind, it would be too easy for readers to call me out for interviewing too many Democrats, even on the subject of low-maintenance gardening. (And, believe me, they would. In this town, we had to give equal time to both high schools - on stories as innocuous as trendy senior pictures - or suffer some disgruntled parent's wrath.)
So, it was especially fun this weekend to attend my first real grassroots political fundraiser - with people from both sides of the party line - for a guy we hope and pray will become the next governor of Kansas. It was a rousing, old-fashioned affair including stump speeches from the hometown boy candidate (whose mother taught both of my kids) and his running mate. It felt great to be a participant and not just an observer from afar.

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