Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brace yourself, Jayhawkers. Here comes the Short Jewish Gal!

The SJG in Santa Fe.
Yippee!!  My sister from another mother - and father, religion and time zone - is coming to visit tomorrow! She explains why and describes her mounting level of excitement here in her delightful blog.  I am looking forward to showing this Hollywood gal the beauty and wonder that is Kansas...and a little bit of Missouri because, well, that's where the airport is and it can't be avoided. Oh sure, we don't have palm trees, but we have mosquitoes bigger than dogs, thanks to all the recent rain. And, the forecast calls for good ol' fashioned thunderstorms every day she's here!! 


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Ex-squeeze me? Mosquitoes? i am not fond of those insects. They tend to eat me alive. And thunderstorms? Those I can handle. On second thought, I'm bringing my protective inflatable bubble to protect me from such afore-mentioned issues. Here's hoping it fits in the overhead bin. xo

Cathy Hamilton said...

Leave the bubble at home. I've got a wet suit and helmet you can wear.

alicel said...

Short Jewish gal, I know exactly what KS will do to your hair. I can see it now. In the mirror, actually.
Short Jewish Gal in Exile, Alice