Saturday, August 30, 2014

My work here is done.

     Last night, after enjoying a lovely dinner with two high school pals - one from Milan; the other from Portland - I bumped into a couple of local friends who were enjoying a glass of wine on the restaurant's patio. They invited me to sit and chat. In the midst of our conversation, another party got up to leave and one of the women approached me. "Are you that columnist from the Sunday newspaper?" she asked, slightly giddy from the wine. "I used to be," I replied. "I've been waiting years to thank you," she said. "Because of your column, I decided to start watching 'Mad Men' and fell in love with Don Draper. My friends had told me about the show but it wasn't until your story that I decided to check it out. I just can't thank you enough."
    This is the column she was talking about that I had completely forgotten. (Obviously, I was a tad smitten.)
    In my youth, I dreamed I'd have a career that could make a real difference in this world.  Hey, it's not world peace or a cure for cancer, but I made one woman happy. And, that will have to do... for today.

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