Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Remodeler's remorse: Episode 2

Someone once asked me, "What made you think of wallpapering your bathroom with sheet music in the first place?' Good question, Someone. I remember having inherited a bunch of old sheet music from one of the older adults I used to work with. Then, I started adding to the collection via garage and estate sales, with no particular purpose in mind. When we moved to our current house and decided to add a half bath under the stairs, we were cutting corners wherever we could. I'm guessing I figured it was a creative way to save on wallpaper costs. Two days into stripping, I figured it out.
A pox on my walls!
The walls of the closet were in such bad shape - with holes, lumpy and out-of-square - we literally needed to patch them with little pieces of paper going every which way. Had we used standard wallpaper, it would have been impossible to do a good job. There's going to be major work involved simply prepping to paint. I repeat: Oh, God. What have I done?!

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