Sunday, September 21, 2014

Enjoying the great American pasttime...sparingly

I am an admitted fair weather fan who believes baseball may be the most boring spectator sport in existence. Especially in the heat and humidity of Kansas summers. Except for golf. But, at least, golf has pretty scenery. So, it was no small deal for me to agree to attend the last KC Royals home game of the regular season with the hubs. (I normally encourage him to take guy friends when he gets the company seats.) Luckily, the Kansas City Royals are in contention for the play-offs this year and we were able to invite two of my favorite former co-workers, a couple who are expecting their first child, to join us. (The father-to-be is a huge Royals fan with an encyclopedic baseball mind. It's freaky the minutia he remembers. And he can boo - about bunts, specifically - with the best of them.)
Pretty good vantage point
Add to that a picture-perfect day of 75 degrees, moderate breeze, sunshine and shaded seating for most of the game, lots of hits and a home team victory, and I was one happy camper.  I even did a few cheers, except for the wave. I hate the wave. Okay, I did the wave but I didn't stand up. Did I mention we had a barbecue lunch beforehand?
Their first trip to Arthur Bryant's BBQ in KC. So adorbs.
Sometimes, you just have to say yes.

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