Friday, October 10, 2014

Bathroom Remodel: The End (almost)

New bronze fixtures. Shelves will have a new leaded glass cabinet door, eventually. I need better towels.
With less than 24 hours to spare before the arrival of our house guest, the Short Jewish Gal, the reading room - formerly known as the music room - is finished! Well, not completely finished. I need to hang more pictures and, obviously, purchase new guest towels. But, it's functional again and a heckuva lot better than this, this and this.  (Well, maybe not better, but more calming, somehow, and up-to-date.)
The new paint color is fab (I didn't get to the hall yet) and the old mirror looks great with a fresh coat of white paint. But, my favorite feature is the custom-made walnut cabinet with the soapstone top, crafted by my talented hubby, that holds extra TP, magazines and towels.
Obligatory box of Kleenex to go on back of toilet.
We hung one old picture as a nod to the old sheet music theme. (More art to come later.)
Game of Thrones... New Moon... P is for Peril
And, I'm having a blast stocking the library with books whose titles have a water closet theme, no matter how obvious or esoteric.
I've always been a sucker for bathroom humor.
I pilfered some books from my dad's old collection, others from my own, and still others from used book outlets. And, I'll be accepting any and all contributions from friends.
Some titles may be replaced as the bookcase fills up.
The plan is to wait and see if our guests catch on. But, I'm guessing I'll have to point it out sooner than later because I'll be bursting! Pardon the pun.
Go, Dog, Go... Oh, Baby! Go, Baby!... Flush!
My two favorites, at the moment, are "Sprinkles and Secrets" and "The Tao of Pooh." "Gone with the Wind" arrives in the mail soon!


Susan Chaney said...

Love Love Love!

Especially the book selections... I've got one to donate:

Craps Strategy: How to Play to Win at Casino Craps

I'll bring it with me on the next trip to Lawrence!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Excellent, Sue. Thank you! Hurry back to town...

Levi Eslinger said...

Wow! Seems you're already on the finish line. Kudos and congrats for having made that way through! What you only need to ensure at this point, and to be in constant check for are the drains functioning as properly as possible, and minimizing or even eliminating all the glitches in the process. All the best!

Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing & Heating

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