Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Remodeler's remorse: Episode 4

How's that bathroom coming along, you say? Oh, pretty good. The walls were a challenge to patch, but I sanded the last of the mud yesterday. (Note to DIYers: Always wear your best black DKNY pajamas to sand drywall mud. The white dust gives them added pizzazz.) The hubs insisted on doing the painting. "Twist my arm and I'll cry 'Uncle'," I told him.
Sink getting new faucet. Little shelf getting a cabinet door, custom-made from leaded glass, eventually.
The new sink fixtures and accessories I ordered from Overstock.com are supposed to come tomorrow. Hopefully, the light fixture and toilet will be installed tonight. It's been a little scary having to sprint to the master bath every time nature calls. My 58-year-old bladder doesn't always give me a lot of notice.
This is where the toilet goes, you should excuse the expression, and not a moment too soon.  Next step: Decorating the Reading Room.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

My "time-out" room is coming along nicely. But where's the "Welcome Back, SJG" plaque going to go?

Cathy Hamilton said...

I'm working on it, SJG. My craftiness can be stretched only so far.

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