Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Transfer of Stuff: Part 2

Last Sunday evening, the children (and a couple grandchildren) gathered around my mother's dining room table to view the cast-offs up for grabs in the latest installment of "The Great Giveaway." This time, it was china, silver and odds and ends Mom found in the closets. While my sisters were poring over the silver serving pieces and fine china, I found myself uninterested in anything but these cool informal plates....
They had me at "no two are alike."
 I knew nothing about them - just that I loved them - but have since discovered they are the "Laurita" pattern by Della-Ware, hand painted and hand glazed, probably from the 40s. They belonged, originally, to my maternal grandmother.
I wish I knew what the 14 meant. Or, is it 1K?
There are 12 of them, so I decided to put eight in the glass cabinets in the kitchen.
So bright, cheery and cottage-y!
This meant I had to displace the Polish pottery formerly in those spaces and the only place to put them was here...
This right here is the illustrated definition of "insane."
in what is starting to look like the crazy hoarder lady's dining room.  There are two corner cabinets, each equally full. I live in fear that the shelves will collapse.  (The good news is, my daughter loves Polish pottery, too, and I've decided not to make her wait until I die to get some.) My other major acquisitions were these huge brass candlesticks. At some point, I had put away all my brass. I don't know why. It reminded me too much of the super-shiny 80s, I guess.  But, after a good polish, these gorgeous creatures have inspired me to dig out those old wedding presents. Sometimes, you just need a little shine in your life.
I'm thinking lovely red bows at Christmas time.
 Thanks, Mom.

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