Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hermann highlights

Wine tasting in Missouri offers different scenery than in California.  Different grapes, too, which weren't so much to our liking with a few exceptions. Still, a fun and scenic adventure. Great weekend getaway.
The view of the Missouri River from Oakglenn Winery. The scenery was the best part about this place. Otherwise, a little too touristy and kitschy.
Trying my iPhone's panorama feature
This is a popular spot downtown that offers every kind of sausage you can think of...and then some.
They give you just enough samples to make you stay for lunch...and take home five 1-pound packages. (Or, we were just exceptionally malleable customers.)
The dining room at the Wurst Haus.  I can't recommend the German potato salad and red cabbage enough. The real deal.
A giant sycamore shades the patio at Hermannhoff Winery.
A little sitting niche by the Hermannhoff patio. 
The wine cellar at Hermannhoff.  The wines there were just okay, but there were drier (which, to our palates, means better) California wines next door.
Our favorite stop, Bommarito. Not on the official wine trail map, so you have to ask.
This is where we actually purchased wine to bring home. Delicious. Award-winning. And, with a female winemaker/sommelier, to boot.  Highly recommended.
The scenery at Bommarito isn't bad either.
This is the Adam Puchta winery. A trolley full of red hat ladies forced us to wander away from the main tasting room. What a stroke of luck! We strayed into the gift shop and found the premium tasting room - excellent samples of port and sherry. We brought home a bottle of to-die-for port which we'll attempt to save for Christmas Eve.

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