Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Buying and selling, selling and buying.

Anyone want a sewing room to go?
I've not been on the blog much because I have become obsessed with guerrilla retailing. The goal was to clear out the old stuff in the attic to make room for new old stuff from my mom's house. To that end, I've been selling stuff on eBay, Craigslist and, by occasional Facebook posting. This week, I sold an old saddle maker's bench to a young saddle maker (that was cool) and a lot of seven old wooden spools to a guy via a double-parked hook-up with his sister downtown. ("I've got the stuff. You got the cash?") Last night, I got way too excited about an inquiry on my lightly-used office chair and almost fell off my new brand new office chair. So far, I've earned $190 for two items which I turned around and spent, almost to the penny, on a flat-screen TV with wall mount for the guest room because the Brooklyn kids are coming to stay and the room needed a technology upgrade, especially because it doubles as my home gym. We'll probably put the old tube TV out by the curb with a FREE/WORKS! sign on it. That's the way to get rid of stuff fast around here. That, and a daily trip to Goodwill.  Next on the block, an antique sewing machine stand, a 1930's Singer machine, and that delightful canoe coffee table with the glass top I purchased in the early '90's when, as my husband says, "they were passing out free samples of crack at the furniture mart."

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