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Summer tea... makes me feel fine

Perk up your ears, tea-loving friends: This is hot weather refreshment to a tea! (Sorry.)  Doctor it up with a whole lime's worth of fresh juice (sweetener optional), pour it over a mountain of ice, and you've got the thirst quencher to end all. Oh, how I love this Watermelon Lime Zinger! And, I'm not a huge fan of watermelon, either.

My daughter and I toured the Celestial Seasonings plant in Boulder, Colorado, years ago when my son lived there. It was a sensory experience like no other. The Mint Room literally opened our sinuses and made our eyes water. I love most of the Zingers including the original Red Zinger, which I drank in college, the can't-go-wrong Lemon Zinger and all the berry zingers. But, THIS ONE!  Two pinkie fingers way up...and no seeds to spit out!

New York, and other things, in retrospect

A lot has happened since our trip to New York City in May - the continuing epic saga of the selling of my mother's house and subsequent disposal of stuff (the estate sale is today...I will not be attending)..
 and an unfortunate accident that left me with a very painful big toe that has been too slow to heal.
Yeah, yeah.... it was only a toe, but it's prevented me from getting any kind of appreciable exercise - not to mention wearing shoes - which put me in a funk, thus the writer's block.
   So, to catch up....
   The outgoing flight was a breeze. (Note to Southwest Airlines: Please, please, please don't discontinue that non-stop MCI-LGA flight. I'm begging you!)
Our hotel in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, was fantastic. It's called The Box House and our accommodations were amazingly accommodating and affordable by NYC standards.
There was even a free shuttle in the hotel's vintage cab which we took full advantage of....
Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood i…