Monday, July 13, 2015

Fly fishing lessons @ Devil's Thumb Ranch

    Of the myriad of activities available for the doing at Devil's Thumb, we chose fly fishing lessons today. The hubs and I have been in search of a hobby we might be able to enjoy together as we approach our golden years and, given our vast differences, interest-wise, it was either this or hiking....and my crazy big toe still isn't back to normal.  
     My dad was a fly-fishing enthusiast (albeit more in theory than reality) and I've always wondered if I might take to it like (gulp) a fish to water. The jury is still out, my friends.
Me intently watching our fantastic teacher, Kevin, tying a knot. There is an extraordinary amount of stuff to know about fly fishing to do it well.  Hell, even to do it badly.
When the hubs started casting, Kevin likened him to Brad Pitt's stunt double in "A River Runs Through It." 

My poor fly after a 2-hour beating.

Why is this woman smiling?
After an hour-and-a-half instruction, Kevin cut us loose and I promptly forgot 68% of everything I learned. In the above photo, I am smiling joyfully, even though my line had been stuck for 15 minutes in the knot of my hoodie tied around my waist. I didn't yet understand why I couldn't get any distance in my casting. What an idiot.


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