Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Boomer Girl Review: The Original Sleep Sound Machine

The unassuming little device, in black, in its bedroom nook. 
While the college kids in town were away on spring break last week, the wildlife in our yard was getting down with a raucous ritual of their own. That's right, gentle readers. It's mating season in BoomerGirl's wild kingdom, a noisy affair that goes on night after night, week after week until - voila! - adorable babies arrive in May.

In March, it's the owls. Barred owls, to be specific, which sound something like this when they're, as the kids in Cancun say, hooking up:

Kind of charming and natural, in a way, right? In the daylight, yes. But, not if you have sleep issues. Because these owls go at it all. Night. Looooong!

I'm beginning to understand how important sleep is to one's longevity, not to mention sanity. So, I took the advice of a formerly sleep-deprived friend and purchased myself a device that wouldn't keep me up at night (unlike my iPhone and iPad, but that's another issue. One problem at a time.)  It's called the Original Sleep Sound machine and it is truly a game changer.

Elegantly simple, the machine has just two speeds, low and high, and allows you to adjust the sound at each level slightly by a dial on the top. The white noise it emits is soothing and full, yet somehow subtle even at the higher volume. Those owls can party all night long and I'm blissfully unaware.

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